1. Another great show at Gold Coast Folk Festival … very entertaining and great to hear the latest stuff /album.

    • Thanks Linda, what a fantastic festival #goldcoastfolkfestival is! Thanks for the feedback. We really enjoyed playing there.

  2. Hi,

    I have been following you since seeing you at Wintermoon Festival in 2000. I was 12. I have every one of your CDs. There is a song that you used to perform probably in around 2005/6 that I have never been able to find recorded. It may be called ‘She really likes him’ it definetly had those words in the chorus. Will you ever record this song? I loved it.

    • Hi Phillipa, no we haven’t got a recording of that song. Sorry. Will see if we can get a You Tube video or something sorted for you. 🙂

  3. Hi Roz and Chanel,
    I am so excited to see you have resumed collaborating!! 😀
    Would love to see you at Port Fairy again. Like the Red Wine and Postcards CD launch.

    Much love,
    Scott xx

    • Thanks Scott! We’d love to get back to Port Fairy again too! It always helps if people let the festival know about us… why not send them a message? 🙂

  4. Hi Guys, I cannot find your songs from your 2000 album anywhere, even on youtube! I had your CD as a kid and played it soooooo many times. Its busted now and so scratched it wont begin to play anything. Any chance I could get hold of any of it or any of the songs?? They aren’t on iTunes?

    • Hi Amy – should be on iTunes but we will look into it for you. Or – will get it up on another online distributor for you. We don’t print hard copies of that one any more sorry.

  5. You ladies are fantastic 🙂 Remember the Mussel Inn in Takaka, the GOLDEN BAY in New Zeeealand….I do hope one day you come back and play here again. Much love to you and what you do
    …Amy 🙂

    • Amy – what a gig that was! We loved it and would come back any time! Might see you in New Zealand sometime soon!

  6. Guys I would love you a million times if you could get someone to upload the individual songs so we can buy them nit-pic style. I want to share “Tin Roof” on Facebook because it is so fitting right now, but I can’t there is only a dodgy mobile recording on youtube that doesn’t do you justice 😦

    • Hi Rehannon,
      the tracks will be available individually on iTunes and on CD Baby once the entire album is released. Hope you can wait another couple of months! 🙂

  7. Hi,

    i am trying to get a copy of your CD – Women in Docs with the single “Tin Roof”



    • Hi Julian,
      that CD is not available at the moment… unless you can unearth it from a secondhand shop somewhere?
      We hope to re-release that song on a live CD soon.
      women in docs

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