Monday 9 April, Festival 2018, Satellite Stage, Cultural Forecourt, Southbank, BRISBANE. 5pm-8..30pm

women in docs are doing a FREE performance for Festival 2018 (during the Commonwealth Games) in Brisbane. We are playing on the Satellite Stage in the Cultural Forecourt (on the river lawn in front of QPAC) from 7.30pm-8.15pm. It’s FREE, family friendly and is only for 45 mins – so be there or miss out!

The whole concert starts with Sue Ray at 5pm and Danny Widdecombe at 6pm – so it will be an awesome evening of music!

Visit for more information about events and activities occurring as part of Festival 2018 and the Commonwealth Games cultural program.






Sun 16 July 2017, Rockhampton River Festival, ROCKHAMPTON. 

Fri 8 Sept 2017, Neurum Creek Music Festival, NEURUM (near Woodford). 

Fri 27 Oct – Sun 29 Oct 2017, Tablelands Folk Festival, YUNGABURRA 

Sat 18 November 2017, The Riverway Sessions, Riverway, Kirwan, TOWNSVILLE. 
















      • Sorry Tony – no Woodford Folk Festival this year… we played the last two… hopefully see you next year!

      • Oh yes, I’ll be at Woodford this year without a doubt, maybe I should introduce myself :0 ..I have been going to your shows since Livid 1996 – Davies Park.
        If I see Mandi, I’ll try to remind her how good you are 🙂

  1. Hi!

    When I used to live in central Victoria I saw you perform at a folk music festival our neighbours across the road ran near Tooborac. I have moved to Mackay now and am wondering if you ever play in Mackay? Do you have any gigs coming up here? I’d love to see you again as I really enjoy your music.



  2. Hey girls, just wondering if there are plans for any more Australian shows after Brisbane?? 2012/2013

  3. hi girls.
    Can’t find your May gig on the Powerhouse site in may. Is it happening?

  4. Hi ladies,
    Haven’t seen you since you player at my pub Warren, RI. We all had the best time and enjoyed all your music. THe place was jumping! I listen to the cd you gave me all the time, love it! I have since sold the pub but would love to see you when you are back in the East Coast of the states! I’ve signed up for the emails hope I can catch a concert!
    Thank you again for a wonderful night at the pub!!

    Rose Gallagher

  5. I saw you in Kansas City USA when you did a show with Doc Fuller. Enjoyed it very much . Well I am taking a great trip to your land in Jan 2012
    and will be in Sydney for the Illawarra folk fewstival and then around for a few weeks . I was wondering if you are going to have some shows in the area in the first couple of weeks of Feb. I would like to see you again. Hope I can catch up with you again. james wilson

    • Hi James – sorry, we are busy recording a new CD… so no gigs in early 2012. So sorry to miss you. Hope you enjoyed Illawarra Folk Festival… it is one of the best!

  6. Ladies,

    We are experiencing a “draught” here in the states, especially at Musikfest. Your music has stirred my soul since the first time I saw you and I want you back (in so many ways). It does not look like you will be here..again.. I see no other gigs posted..Any news on that front?


  7. Miss you at the Bethlehem Music Fest. When you coming back???

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