Four star review

The Music have given our new album ‘Carousel’ four stars! Copy of the review online or see below. 



Plus One Records

Date of release: 07/02/2014


Taking a decidedly more country approach on their third album, Queensland folk troubadours Women In Docs – Chanel Lucas and Roz Pappalardo – are still dishing out finely crafted harmonies and well arranged compositions, with the added cohesion of writing together for the first time. The beautifully intuitive fiddle style of Silas Palmer features on the title track lead single, recalling the duo’s DIY, follow-your-dreams-and-jump-in-a-van beginnings, while Raining On Me features an impressive gang-vocal outro that offers a soulful, gospel-tinged take on folk. A version of Bob Dylan’s Wagon Wheel underlines the appeal of Women In Docs – instinctive melodies and good clean fun musical times.

Tyler McLoughlan

The Music, February 19, 2014. 

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