USA Tour: July 2012



Unfortunately we were unable to undertake this tour due to a family emergency. We apologise to anyone who was disappointed by our absence. Thank you for your understanding. And thanks also to the musicians, festivals and venues who were so supportive – including New Bedford Summerfest, Black Potatoe and more. We hope to see our American fans again very soon.


3 thoughts on “USA Tour: July 2012

  1. I am not a typical groupie but fell in love with your music at the New Bedford Summerfest in July 2010. Was disappointed that you weren’t there last year again. Unfortunately, learned while waiting for you to appear this year at Summerfest that there was a family emergency and you had to cancel your US tour. 1. I’m sorry about the family emergency and do hope everything turns out okay. 2. You were sorely missed at Summerfest and I can’t wait to see you on the east coast of the US sometime in the future. 3. I bought the other CD that I didn’t have (I had one) and am continuously amazed at your music, voices, songwriting. You’ve got a 53 yo groupie! What a hoot! Keep the music coming………………….

  2. Welcome to the US! Elaine E, from Oz, just sent me your Under a Different Sky cd. WOW! Amazingly gorgeous voices. I will not be in town on the 19th of July – or I would drive to Landsdowne to see y’all. I will keep checking the schedule to see it there are any additions. (Try for Bethany Beach, DE or Ocean City, MD July 16 -18!) Keep on singing ladies! (PS: Indigo Girls are floating around the area as well…)

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