Like your music old school?

You can get women in docs’ music in hardcopy by grabbing CD’s from the fabulous

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2 thoughts on “Like your music old school?

  1. i have a 4yr old daughter who is blind but very musically inclined, she goes to sleep every night listening to your first cd…I would dearly love for her to experience the joy of one of your live performances, and as she has a shoe fixation ,to feel your boots, . we live is brisso ,so i was wondering when you are playing here again.
    Thanx Mal and Isabella

    1. Our next gig is on Sat 19 May at the Brisbane Powerhouse Visy Theatre. Or, you could come along to our residency in November at the Turbine Room at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

      Check out our gig guide for details.

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